Doug Broyles has played a leading role in the emergence of a number of California-based technology companies during his career ranging from Engineering Manager to Chief Executive Officer. In his early career, he helped found International Memories, Onyx Systems, and Zilog. He was a major contributor to the product direction for these companies and holds patents for image scanning, printing and microprocessor control techniques. For the past 20 years, Mr. Broyles has directed his professional expertise to venture capital investing while holding partner positions at Glenwood Ventures and West Coast Ventures. Mr. Broyles has been actively involved in several emerging technology companies as a lead investor and board member from the formation to initial public offering or merger. These companies include Sun Microsystems, Arix, Supertek, Corvus Systems, Magellan Systems, Mattson Technology, Paradigm Technology and Iwerks Entertainment. He currently serves on the boards of Integrated Micromachines Inc., NetLogic Microsystems and Peak International, among others.
Scott Burri founded Huntington Ventures in August 2000 after eight years of venture capital investing in Southern California. Prior to establishing Huntington, Mr. Burri was Managing Director of Ventana Global, Ltd. and Investment Manager for Ventanašs early-stage investment fund -- the Technology Gateway Partnership, LP. ("TGP").  An experienced venture capitalist, Mr. Burri provides investee companies with direct operational, managerial, and financial guidance. While Manager of the TGP Fund Mr. Burri led investment in companies such as Innovent Systems (acquired by Broadcom), Virtual Relocation (acquired by TMPW), Soma Networks, Pathlight Incorporated, SenSys Instruments,, and XTRA On-line Corporation. He directed a number of successful private equity investments, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and buyouts, and also guided private and public rounds of financing for the portfolio companies. 

Mr. Burri has a strong track record in financial, strategic and operational management, including professional experience in the corporate sector with ASEA Brown Boveri and CS First Boston. While at CS First Boston, Mr. Burri was involved in structuring a number of initial public offerings for venture-backed firms. He has also served on the board of public and private companies such as Laso Technologies, R2 Medical Corporation, Sensys Instruments, United Systems Technology, and Vector Software. Mr. Burri received his MBA in Finance and Operations from the University of Southern California, and holds a B.S. from Oregon State University in Business Administration and Computer Science.

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